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Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
great. >> president obama accused china of unfairly subsidizing cars. has administrations done enough to protect businesses against unfair trade practices in china? >> this is my concern. they could do more. i'm glad they jumped 10 on tires, cars, but i am concerned hampshire losing 16,000 jobs. congressman bass is on record with the special trade deal with china. >> the white house could do more. >> i think that vote was over a decade ago it shows that china plays by our rules. but issues of the currency debate should be resolved and i condemn this administration doing virtually nothing proactive to do with china competition. >> proposed cutting saturday service to save money for the postal service? >> guy break with my colleagues. the biggest problem it basis is miscalculation on retirement contribution. once that is put aside use of the postal service running at a loss. we should have a combination of reducing service also changing the structure of the rates so they're more competitive. >> my answer is no. >> the next round questions comes from phil vaughn. >> how do define middle-
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
saying? >> host: let's to go to nicholas burns. let's see how you think the administration handledded libya. >> guest: i have worked for republican and democratic administrations. i think it's unfair to level such a criticism in president obama. he has been a very strong leader on protecting this country as president bush was. and i think both presidents, since 9/11, have put security of the american people, our homeland security as job number one as they should. and they have both been strong in the area. it's unfair to assert that president obama has let down the guard. libya was a triple tragic event. he died two weeks ago today along with the three of the colleagues. the responsibility for guarding our embassy overseas is not the -- we don't have american military protecting our embassy. it's the host country that provides the perimeter security around the diplomatic security. we provide the security for the foreign embassies in new york city. who let us down in cairo? it was the egyptian government. that's why the crowd went over the wall and put down the american flag and putted
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
would not be genetic action until a new administration comes in, either romney or barack obama in the second term. secondly, the administration has been certainly cautious about a sort of intervention, military intervention in syria. libya and syria are apples and oranges that they are quite different. libya was isolated regionally and internationally in a way that syria is not. it has the support of her rant, support russia as well as other countries that complicate the regional level and international level. finally, there've been calls to record the safe havens. i'm not a military expert, but everyone i console say that requires a no-fly zone. syria has mr. advanced and sophisticated system provided by the russians that libya did not have. there'll be much more difficult and dangerous for an assertive u.s. coalition coalition to go when in terms of military intervention to create safe havens, establish no-fly zones. even in libya it was nec and syria again is just a much more difficult situation militarily. >> host: the title of your book, "syria: the fall of the house of assad," w
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3